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Latency Lingo is an analytics platform to help software teams effectively perform continuous web performance testing. This testing is used to measure the performance of your software under load and to catch performance degradation before it impacts users.

By integrating with your preferred load testing tools and environment, Latency Lingo provides a simple way to evaluate tests, visualize test results, and share learnings with your team. Collaborate on performance improvements to ensure your software is always fast and reliable.
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The data generated by tools like JMeter, Locust, Gatling, or k6 can be difficult to interpret but provide valuable insights. The default interfaces provided by these tools are static and limited in functionality. Software teams need help with leveraging their test results to catch degradation and improve their software performance.

Existing premium solutions that help you manage performance tests require you to execute tests on their servers, causing a loss in ownership over the details.

Teams often just publish these metrics to observability platforms like Datadog and Grafana, but these tools lack the structure and collaboration ability required to measure performance test workflows as a team.

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