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JMeter is the only load test runner supported by our CLI at the moment. It is a very powerful tool for testing web services so it has been selected as the first tool to focus on. Locust, Gatling, or k6 support are planned in the future.

Input File

Here we'll cover how to generate the input file required by our CLI.

When using JMeter in CLI mode, you can simply provide the -l flag with a filename.

jmeter -n -t test-plan.jmx -l 202206061137_latency_report.csv

Latency Lingo expects the default results file column configuration. This limitation will be addressed soon.

In the interface, you can add a listener to your thread group that allows writing results to a file. I recommend the Summary Report listener.

Once added, configure that listener with your filename and the results log will be written there once the test is completed.