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Test Runs

Test runs are where you analyze the results of each performance test. You can view information of the test scenario and various metric views to help you understand the results.

The links for test runs are printed in your console when publishing metrics using the CLI.
Latency Lingo Test RunLatency Lingo Test Run

Summary Stats

In the Summary Stats table, you can view metrics over the entire duration of the test run. The metrics are grouped by operation, with an additional Overall operation representing metrics across all operations.

Each operation has a chart button that you can use to filter the charts below.

You can view a comparison of summary stats for any run in same test scenario by using the compare form. You should ensure that the comparison test run has similar operations to the current test run.
Latency Lingo test run comparison


Test observations are a crucial piece of understanding and acting on the results of a test run. Test Runs allow observations for the test run as a whole or for individual metrics.

These observations can be marked as Pending, Success, Failure, or Archived.
Latency Lingo test run observations

Metric Charts

Metric charts are a way to visualize the results of a test run over time. They are grouped by operation and metric. The metric charts cover all operations by default, but can be filtered in the Summary Stats table.
Latency Lingo test run charts